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Overland 4lo

The Overland 4lo community brings together overlanders and rock crawlers from a diverse range of vehicle brands. It was established by Kevin Jorgensen on July 16, 2021, and was formed by the original members of the old group (which name shall not be named). The majority of the new members are from the YouTube channel, previously known as KJorgensen TV, but now rebranded as O4lo.


Whatzs Overland


Whatzs Overland is a community that brings together off-road enthusiasts and overlanders. The events they organize vary in difficulty, from easy fire roads to moderately challenging 4WD trails, but are suitable for both all-wheel drive and two-wheel drive vehicles. The group was founded by Jeff Palma of the Whatzs Production YouTube channel.

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Softroad Overland


The Softroad Overland community consists of Overlanders in Southern California. They organize trips for overlanding or day excursions that are suitable for both all-wheel drive and two-wheel drive vehicles.

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Manila Squad Adventures


Manila Squad Adventures is a primary Filipino-American group based in Southern California. They organize events that encompass overlanding and heavy off-roading, including rock crawling. The group has a close-knit community feel, but individuals of all backgrounds are welcome to participate.




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