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Anza Borrego O4lo Thanksgiving

Thanks Giving Camping! 10/26 to 10/28
Plan is not final yet but I just want to create an event.
Suggestions are Welcome!
Overland 4lo Thanks giving weekend. – Not sure if guys have plans for thanksgiving, but just in case.
1. This trip will be a mix of camping, trail, and sightseeing.
2. We’ll meet up with the Pre-o4lo crew on this event.
(They’re coming Friday night or Saturday AM)
1. You are the only person that is responsible for you and your passenger safety.
(We are going to implement waiver release form).
2. You are the only person responsible for any damage that might happened to your vehicle. (Take care of any problems with your car before coming out on this trip).
3. You are responsible for your own trash (Pack in – Pack out) –Leave no Trace.
4. If you have any flu like symptoms, make sure to get tested before coming to this trip. (Covid Precautions)
Things to Bring
1. Camping Gear
2. Radio (Our Caravan mostly use HAM radio).
3. Recovery Gear / Enough Gas
4. Trail Shoes
5. Heater for Tent or Heavy Duty Sleeping Bag.
6. Water (Hydration).
7. Trash Bag!!!
8. Compressor / Tire Deflator
9. Clothes for both Cold and Hot Weather.
Communication Frequency: TBD
Goal#1 Establish Hobo Town/ Base camp at Fish Creek Wash
Not everyone wants to explore and some of us only wants to camp the weekend. (Coordinates to follow)
Goal #2 Form GROUPS of 5 or 6
Depending on the size of caravan, let’s form groups with 5-6 Rigs each (Needs a lead with GPS device and tail gunner/ sweep.)
It’s easier to maneuver on small groups than a big caravan and I think Anza Borrego has a requirement for maximum vehicles (I’ll find out)
The lead for each group just need to communicate with us regarding the whereabouts of each person just to make sure nobody gets left behind (Me, Nipoj and Ray) or whoever wants to help out with planning.
Things to know:
Know your comfort level and vehicle capabilities. Please don’t “SEND IT” or let anyone convince you.
You guys are free to explore and hit trails.
Camping: Hobo Town (Potluck at night)
Hiking – Mud Caves.
Friday 11/26- Setup Camp Fish Creek Wash
Primitive Campground Option# 1
33.02261, -116.11014
Overflow Campsite TBD:
Saturday Activity 11/27
Depending on the size of convoy we
will split up in groups.
10-20 minuites intervals from (Ray and Nipoj Convoy)
Call Time 9:00AM – 9:30 at Trailhead.
Don’t be late!!
Start at S2- 32.91557, -116.24116
1. 1st Stop Hollywood & Vine Street Sign
32.90752, -116.20457
2. Mud Caves 1 & 2 (Bring Headlamps)
32.92409, -116.18515
3. Diablo Drop Off Trail
32.92732, -116.19498
4. Back to Fish Creek Wash (Campsite Potluck)
33.02445, -116.11013
5. Fonts Point/ Hills of the Moon (Join the Pre-o4lo crew)
Sunday 11/28 (Freeday)
Form Groups (Don’t go alone)
You are free to form groups and explore the rest of Anza Borrego
1.Fonts Point Sunrise
33.30077, -116.23824
2.Galleta Meadows State
Sight-seeing Giant Sculptures
3.Calcite Mine Trailhead
33.28004, -116.09653
4.Devil Slide (Play in the Sand Dunes)
33.17920, -116.11038

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