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Pismo / oceano dunes event june 21-23 2024

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How to make a camping reservation at Pismo/Oceano dunes

The following guide will walk you through the process of making your camping reservations at Pismo/Oceano Dunes for the upcoming O4Lo event.  

Please note that there are no designated camping spots; it’s all open beach sand (you’ll receive one with your reservation but it is not used).

We will drop a pin and announce our group location on the beach as we arrive and claim a spot (details will be on the Facebook page as well as on this page at the top).  It is usually at the very end of the beach where it’s fenced off.

Let’s get started!

Visit: and create an account (upper right hand corner)

Then in the search box, search for “Oceano Dunes SVRA”

Click on the “Select Arrival – End Date” button.

Then select “June 21” as the start date, then “June 23” as the end date (as shown).

Now select “Camping” under the “What type of site are you looking for”.

then click “Show Results” at the bottom

You should now see how many available sites are available. Click on that button.

Disregard the results stating there are 0 facilities available.  Click on the “Oceano Dunes SVRA” button below it. 

Now choose Friday “21” (it should automatically highlight 21 and 22 as shown below).

Then click “Book Now” 

Complete all the required fields which pertain to your setup. The License Plate is especially important–they will match up your reservation with your license plate when you check in. 

Congratulations! You should be all set!  I suggest you print out your reservation and have your reservation number to show the ranger when you check in at the gate.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Pismo!!!

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