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41.22 Hitch Slider and Recovery Point

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41.22 Hitch Slider – Protection for your hitch receiver with Integrated recovery point.

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The Hitch Slider protects your hitch receiver from damage.  It’s ramped underside skid allows you to smoothly glide over obstacles instead of dragging your receiver and offers a generous 1″ soft shackle or D-ring tow point. The Hitch Slider is available in several Ceramic Coated finishes and adds a unique accent to your receiver!  Precision machined from a solid billet of 6061-T6 Aircraft grade aluminum.  100% MADE IN THE USA here in Southern California!

Recently named by Motortrend & FourWheeler magazine as a MUST SEE off-road product!


LIFETIME & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you break it, we’ll replace it for free!  Not 100% satisfied? Send it back and we’ll refund you!

Need a Hitch Pin?

Hitch Pin

Have a 2.5″ Receiver?

Sleeve Adapter

LIFETIME & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you break it, we’ll replace it for free!  Not 100% satisfied? Send it back and we’ll refund you!

  • Max rated: 15,000lbs | Breaking Strength: 37,170lbs
  • Ramped underside design glides over obstacles instead of digging in and hanging up on rocks and obstacles.
  • Integrated large shackle recovery point ring.
  • Solid one-piece construction machined from a single billet of aircraft grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum.
  • Updated Universal Design: Fits most 2″ receivers (receiver must be the lowest point of your bumper)
  • FITS: Jeep Gladiators, Jeep Wranglers, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota 4runner, Subaru, Chevy, Lexus GX, Ford, Dodge Ram and more! The Hitch Slider was engineered to hold up to big hits on big obstacles!  We smashed, slammed and slid our sliders over slick rock in Moab and it not only protected our receivers from damage but also kept us from getting hung up.



41.22 Hitch Slider FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why is it made from aluminum and not steel?

A: We machine each Hitch Slider from a solid billet of aircraft grade aluminum (6061-T6), it’s incredibly strong and lightweight (only 3.5lbs!) whereas if made from steel would be well over 10lbs! We have also beat the heck out of our prototypes as well as our entire crew of rigs!  Yes, like anything, they do scratch up but most of it is superficial and actually look great and serve as a badge of honor and proof that you wheel hard!  Plus, once you scrape it, Aluminum will not rust like steel would!

Q: Why are they so expensive?

A: We understand they might at first seem expensive; but keep in mind they are made completely in our shop here in the USA from a big billet of aircraft grade aluminum.  The raw billet of aluminum itself is nearly $50! Not to mention adding the cost of actually machining them, coating them and shipping them.  We spared no expense and cut no corners in making them because we believe in ONLY selling the very best product we can possibly make. Products we ourselves are proud to use on our own rigs.

Q: What happens after I scrape it? Do I need to paint over the scratches?

A: No. Since it’s made from aircraft grade aluminum, it will not rust like steel would. You will also notice that most of the scraping takes place underneath the Hitch Slider, so it still looks great from above. Lastly, the vast majority of our customers report back saying they absolutely LOVE the scrapes, since it’s like a badge of honor–proving they are not just mall crawlers!

Q: Do I need to use a D-ring?

A: You can if you want but it’s really not necessary since we integrated a generous 1″ recovery point into the Hitch Slider.  This allows you to directly thread through your soft-shackles and skip having to attach extra gear.

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8 reviews for 41.22 Hitch Slider and Recovery Point



    Firstly, I support local business, and this is a great quality product!

    I have a two door… yessss a two door. It’s not just an ornamental piece to my rig, it’s saved my butt (LITERALLY) on some crazy trails I’ve been to.

    Great quality, great owners, and great company… What can more can you ask for?

    No, I’m not a robot… take a look at my posts about these guys on my instagram @takjeep.

    You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Kristoffer

    Awesome Product! Took this hitch slider on 7 badge of honor trails. It was use and abused! hahah!

  3. Ralph

    I ordered 2 of these Hitch Sliders and just received them in the mail today. Let me tell you, this product was not only a great investment to my rigs, but also top notch quality. I ordered the red and blue sliders, and to my surprise the colored accents complemented each perfectly. It’s definitely worth it, but don’t take my word for it. See for yourself!

  4. Rod


    When you put your life and the lives of those you trail with on the line, you really need to have trust in the equipment you use. I too, work in the engineering industry, and safety is always Priority #1.

    The 41.22Inc Hitch Slider and Recovery Point (hitch link) meets and exceeds those safety needs and more! The fact that these hitch sliders and the hitch links are break test certified, this ensures that you have a Safety Factor built in addition to the already high working load limits of these recovery points.

    After I completed an Off Road Recovery and Off Road training course from “The Driving Co.”, I now understand the critical importance of buying US made (not overseas – unrated junk) and spec engineered recovery gear, such as these hitch sliders and recovery points from 41.22Inc. Extensive testing has been incorporated to ensure that the working load limits (WLL), the minimum breaking strength (MBS) and safety factor (SF) is designed for the type of abuse off-roading subjects to our vehicles.

    The use of 6061-T6 billet aluminum also makes for high strength, corrosion resistance and most importantly, lighter material weight. In fact, so lightweight I replaced my (2) steel Warn hitch links with the 41.22Inc recovery equipment. I now run the 41.22Inc hitch link on my TJ Brute and the 41.22Inc hitch slider on my JKU Rubicon. I also keep a spare 41.22Inc hitch slider in my recovery gear bag with a spare hitch pin.

    I am now looking forward to also adding the new 41.22Inc Winch Shackle Link (integrated fairlead and shackle) for both Jeeps.

    Buy American. Buy 41.22Inc made in SoCal, USA. I am not sponsored by 41.22Inc. There are many choices out there, and I personally have a collection of recovery junk from Amazon (overseas) that do not have any ratings for WLL, MBS or evidence of safety testing. I would not trust my life or the close friends I trail with with the un-rated stuff.

    Rod (IG@k9projectworks) – Off-Roading since 1998

  5. Jacek

    My taco absolutely love it.
    Saved my bed few times already and it’s gold !!!!

  6. Ric “Baddad” Durant

    I purchased one of the first hitch sliders, so I have had it for over a year. It has saved my rear bumper of my JT with it’s long wheel base on many an Offroad trek. Well worth the price.

  7. Manuel Kalaw

    Purchasing this hitch slider was one of smartest decisions I’ve made! I’ve bought an orange one for my 2020 TRD 4×4 Off-road Tacoma, and this product has been a life changer for my overlanding. If your vehicle has low clearance and scared to damage your vehicle, I highly recommend this product. I guarantee you don’t need to worry about damaging your rear bumper with this installed! And if you want to see my other adventures, check out my Youtube: MKadventures and IG: 19climbs !

  8. Tataro4runner

    The 41.22 Hitch Slider is exactly what i needed. Not only does it look great on my truck, it also protects my rear end on those rocky Vegas trails. You can really see the amount of work put in to engineering this product. Well done, 41.22. I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us.

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